Dalgety Bay Studios, making stuff from reclaimed... other stuff and... 

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About Us

"Dalgety Bay Studios is the name I have given to a body of work that includes just about everything I do."  


Our Director Joel is a playwright, woodwright, lyricist, poet, author, theatre director, father, producer, wooden boat buff, theatrical fight choreographer, actor, documentary artist... Actually we think he's still holding out on us about a few skills and talents. 

Oh yea, and he's a darn nice guy too.

"Here we are in Dalgety Bay filming a commercial for my play Mary of the High Seas (a female pirate musical).  Click on the picture to go to the official website and our thanks to davidcruickshanksphotography.com."

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"I thought it would be a good idea to create a site where I included everything under one umbrella and market everything at once.  I guess I also though it would be fun".


“Joel is not only a highly experienced choreographer and stage combat director, he is also an incredibly inspiring man. I thoroughly love working with him as a workshop leader or fellow actor; and as an audience member have been a joyous receiver of Liminal Theatre's professional, slick and moving ensemble production.” January 18, 2011

1st Adrienne ZittFounder, Manager, Actors Kitchen Edinburgh
worked directly with Joel at Liminal Theatre

“I've worked with Joel in two different guises. One as a former student where he oversaw a writing project I was involved in and then a little later, as Chairman of the Cromarty Film Festival where we invited Joel to come and give instruction regarding stagecraft to groups of youngsters. 

I can say from experience that Joel is extremely able, interesting and is also great fun to work with and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him.” January 18, 2011

1st David NewmanManaging Director, Plexus Media Ltd
worked with Joel at Liminal Theatre

“I had the great opportunity to work on "East of the Sun and West of the Moon" with Joel Mason (January-March 2009). As an actress, I found that Joel was very generous with his knowledge and time, and commanded respect from his cast. As his Producer if found him to be easy going without giving up his vision of the play. Joel is a pleasure to work with, and I hope that I get another opportunity to work with him again. 

Thank you, 
Liberty Des Roches-Dueck 

p.s. He's also very funny.” January 18, 2011

1st Liberty Des Roches-DueckCo-Producer, Assistant Artistic Director, Actor, Liminal Theatre


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