My first mate Nick and I are putting together bespoke treasure hunts for corporate and private events.  One of us will work with you to design an event that makes the best use of both the indoor and outdoor space available to you.

We create a treasure map renaming locations in the spirit of the hunt  and hide cryptic clues in those places bringing you to new locations with new clues in clever rhyming couplets. 

We come with lots of  authentic  kit to make your treasure hunt an experience you will never forget.

Here in the photo you see one of the clues from a treasure hunt we recently did for a family.

Looking at the South West end of the map, our client could see that we were talking about the house, confirmed by the line "Protected from the wind and rain."

"The pain that shows us where we've been" was the window pane at the South West end of the house through which, the client could see the back garden where we had just been. 

The window sill held the little curio cabinet that you see below; and not in the centre drawer, but behind it taped to the inside wall of the curio cabinet with a half "the treasure is buried here" cross drawn on it, was the next clew...

This may be a little more difficult than what you want but in this case we knew that the client enjoyed cryptic crosswords so we catered to her disposition. She was delighted.  

Needless to say we required the help of a family member to monitor our access to the house.  Our  was only too happy to help and got really involved.  Contact us through the website.

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