A digital memory becomes a priceless heirloom that  honours your family, creating a mythology that will represent  your chosen subject for the rest of time.    

This one is a short little work I did for my father on Christmas day in 2012.  It came about as a result of my cousin Judy sending me an envelop of photos of my father that I had never seen.  Now, not only have I seen them, but I can share a beautiful little tribute to my father with anyone in the world, and because it's now on line, I never have to worry that the photos will be lost or degraded.  Needless to say my father was quite moved.

With my Digital Memory program I will
  • Upload a large number of your hard copy photo's, burn them onto disk and make as many copies of the disk for you as you like. 
  • Record you and/or your family member(s) talking casually about each photo as I file through them in chronological order.
  • Edit the recording and photos into a beautiful and poignant heirloom of and for your family... or anything else you want to do.
With the techniques that I learned from the Edinburgh Living Memory Association I will encourage stories from your family that you have never heard before... and then I'll preserve them.

Can you really afford to loose those stories?

This is a quick little tribute to Walter, the fellow that taught me to Lawn Bole in the elegant, gently curving style of the Scottish game.  I highly recommend it. 


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