This page is devoted to the restoration of the pond yacht the "Aunty Sharyn."   The hull was purchased on e-bay for £15 in January of 2012.


I started with several experiments with rigging.     So far I'm making my own fittings and all from scrap laying around the studio.   

The deadeyes are cut wood from my form my garden table and the metal fittings are from copper water  pipe from the bathroom renovation,  like the mast step and the boom cap. The spars are fashioned from the siding of my neighbours old garden shed.

I've built a rope walk and will be rigging her with rope that I make myself.  That's an example in the bottom photo there on the right.

I've chosen to rake her mast aft to make her look like she's already going fast...  

If I can duplicate her hull with all the weights and such,  'll be able to build more from scratch. 



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